The Centre was formed in 1990 by the decision of the 1-st democratic convocation of the Lviv Regional Council and up to the year 2009 bared the name of "Lviv Regional Specialized Children’s Hospital”. 

At that time provision of help to children who suffered the Chornobyl disaster and other ecological hazards was the priority of the institution. Together with solving difficult paediatric problems the Centre steadily developed its main specialised areas of activity: toxicology, paediatric cancer and haematology, clinical immunology, non-invasive cardiology, rheumatology, pulmonology, endocrinology, plastic and laser surgery, severe neurological disorders, treatment of acute and chronic renal failure as well as treatment of other severe rare chronic disorders, such as cystic fibrosis, malabsorption syndrome, etc.


Administration and staff activity in building up a strong resource base allowed introducing innovative medical technologies, many of them – for the first time in Ukraine.

It became possible, amongst other factors, due to co-operation and support from many Ukrainian, American and European non-government organisations, such as charitable foundations "Child’s World”, "Wings of Hope”, "Saving Child with Leukaemia”, Lviv Lions Club (Ukraine); "Children of Chornobyl Relief Fund”, Women’s League”, «Advanced Medical Care for Ukraine», "Humanitarie Hulp Kinderen Oekraïne”, "St. Christophorus Foundation for Children” (Netherlands), Child Health International”, "Life Line” (UK), «Association Vendée-Ukraine» (France), etc.

From the very beginning and further on the staff of the Centre was formed on a competitive base. Formation of a team, able to work according to highest world standards, was always a priority. Over 70 physicians and scores of nurses had their postgraduate training in leading European and North American clinics. Professionals from the Western world often visit the Centre providing teaching to staff and consulting aid for the patients. The Centre takes part in international randomised controlled trials; its specialists are members of professional European associations. The Centre employees defended 2 Doctor of Medical Science and 10 PhD theses, published over 300 of scientific papers, including those in international medical journals.

The Centre is a clinical base for several faculties of the Lviv National Medical University and few medical colleges. The Centre history is irremovably linked with the name of Dr. Oleksandr Myndiuk, who stood at the origins of its formation and managed the institution for more than 20 years. He devoted his life to medicine, patients and the staff of the Centre, asserting in practice the core principles: professionalism, decency and patriotism.

The Centre was honoured with several State distinctions and awards. However, the most valuable for the staff is the one given by All-Ukrainian Council for protection of rights and safety of patients. Because the CHILD’S NEEDS and CHILD’S SAFETY always remains for us the most important issue.