For fellow doctors

Західноукраїнський спеціалізований дитячий медичний центр завжди радий допомогти колегам з інших медичних установ у вирішенні  їхніх професійних проблем.

Одночасно інформуємо Вас, що більшість лікарів-консультантів проводить амбулаторний прийом за попереднім записом. Зателефонуйте до лікаря (-ів) за номерами, що подані у розділі «знайти лікаря» та узгодьте день та час візиту Вашого пацієнта.

The patient you refer must have an outpatient card and referral. We value your professional opinion and specific questions to the consultants, to which you would like to receive an answer. We provide a sample referral to our center, which you can print out and fill out. (sample direction)

Hospitalization in all departments (except for the intensive care unit under referral «Ambulance») carried out as planned. Coordinate the possibility and time of hospitalization with the heads of departments by phone, which are placed on the relevant tabs of the site. Attach information (certificate) on the absence of contact with infectious patients during the last 3 weeks to the referral to hospital.

Given that the center is funded from the local (regional) budget, hospitalization of children from other areas (except Lviv) limited.  It is possible after prior agreement with the head of the center and the conclusion of an agreement between the local health departments’я (Lviv and that directs the patient). Such an agreement should include guarantees that the center will be reimbursed for the actual costs of treatment. It is also possible for parents to pay such expenses independently according to the bills issued by the center.