Reception department

Head of department – Nazarov Konstantin Yurievich, doctor of the highest category.

Responsible nurse– Khmyz Stefania Stepanovna

Telephone numbers of the branch:  

+38 032 270 81 68 – nursing post

+38 032 270 81 79 – residency

1. General information

The admission department is designed for admission of patients to inpatient departments, preparation of medical records of patients admitted to the inpatient department, as well as for providing medical care to patients of departments, emergency and counseling for outpatients during non-working hours, weekends and holidays.

In the structure of the department there is an isolator for temporary short-term stay of patients.

2. Doctors of the department:

Nazarov Konstantin Yurievich – head of department, doctor of the highest category.

Kushnir Antin Zenoviyovych – doctor of the first category.

Loshak Iryna Oleksandrivna – doctor of the highest category.

Machynsky Myroslav Stepanovych – doctor of the first category.

Savchak Igor Yaroslavovich – doctor of the first category.

Skavish Oleg Olegovich – doctor of the first category.

Timchyshyn Solomiya Mykhailivna – pediatrician.

3. The order of hospitalization

In urgent cases, patients go to the admission department, where they are examined by a pediatrician and / or a resuscitator on duty, the amount of medical care and the place of hospitalization are determined.

At planned hospitalization, the patient applies to the admission department with a referral for hospitalization (with a note of coordination with the head of the profile department and a certificate from the clinic at the place of residence on the absence of contact with infectious patients and defecation disorders for the last 3 weeks).

After drawing up medical documentation and conducting the necessary medical manipulations in the admission department (sanitation, taking bacteriological cultures, etc.), the patient is admitted to the specialized department, where he receives information from the head and attending physician about further examination and treatment..