Pediatric department

Paediatric Department

Head Dr. Yarema Voznytsia, PhD.
Chief NurseSavytska Olha.

Phone numbers:

  • Head of the Department:   +38-032-270-84-96+38-032-270-84-96
  • Nurses’ stations:               +38-032-270-75-96+38-032-270-75-96 (3 floor);

                                                      +38-032-270-75-84+38-032-270-75-84 (4 floor)

Paediatric Department is structurally built as multidisciplinary specialized department of the Centre. This provides a possibility for wide spectrum of medical care to children with different diseases and different age at one place.

We have 70 beds within the Department: 20 – of clinical immunology, 15 – cardio-rheumatology, 10 – pulmonology, 5 – endocrinology, 5 – nephrology, 5 – general paediatrics, 10 – day stay inpatient. 13 physicians work at the Department (including 1 Doctor of Medical Sciences and 3 Candidates) and 1 psychologist. The physicians of the Department is a highly specialized team, the majority of whom had their study and training at leading clinics of Ukriane, Russia, Western Europe and North America. Two residents are combining their practical work in the Department with teaching activities at Lviv National Medical University.
We have ongoing cooperation with few leading medical centres from abroad.
The Western-Ukrainian Paediatric Immunology Centre was formed and functions within the Department. The Centre provides an up-to-date level of diagnostics, treatment and follow-up to patients with immune deficiencies and allergic pathologies, consults families in all aspects of vaccination, conducts vaccinations in children with special needs with wide spectrum of vaccines.
Rheumatology and autoimmune diseases is an important direction of clinical activity. An up-to-date methods of diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation are introduces into practice, including biological therapy.  
The programme of Cardiological care provides diagnostics, non-invasion therapy and evaluation of effectiveness of antiarrhythmic therapy in rhythm and conduction disturbances, treatment of arterial hypertension, pre-operational preparation and post-operational rehabilitation of children with heart defects.    
Lviv Regional Cystic Fibrosis Centre was formed and functions based on Paediatric Department. Within the frames of this project diagnostics, treatment and follow-up of patients with named pathology is provided with wide use of modern medical technologies.
Endocrine Service provides care to patients with whole spectrum of endocrine diseases, with an emphasis made on endocrinology of young age. A Children’s Diabetic Teaching Centre was created and functions, providing teaching to families of children with Diabetes.
The programme of specialized care to children with diseases of respiratory system is implemented based on up-to-date standards of care and protocols, providing also follow-up of children with chronic pathology.
A specialized care to children with urinary tract diseases includes consulting, treatment and follow-up of patients with acute and chronic renal diseases. If necessary a renal biopsy is performed.
The programme of providing care to children with diseases of gastro-intestinal tract provides up-to-date diagnostics and treatment of the entire spectrum of this pathology, including malabsorbtion syndrome.
An innovation project is the one of providing complex medical care to patients with eating disorders, including severe forms of anorexia nervosa. Apart from paediatrician specializing in parenteral nutrition several other specialists work with these patients, including psychologist.
Provision of specialised medical care to patients is also done within the day-stay in-patient unit. It is often more convenient to the patients and helps to save resources.

The Department provides both planned and acute hospitalisation of patients. Information and registration for planned hospitalisation – during working days of the week from 9:00 till 15:00 by phone: +38-032-270-84-96+38-032-270-84-96.  

Physicians of the Department conduct clinical consultations of outpatients. These are done by appointments. The phone numbers for registration in advance are shown below.

  • Voznytsia Yarema, PhD, Head of Paediatric Department, phone: + 38-032-270-84-96+ 38-032-270-84-96.
  • Bober Liudmyla, PhD, immunologist, CF specialist, phone: + 38-032-247-18-97+ 38-032-247-18-97.
  • Boyko Yaryna, rheumatologist, Associate Professor at the Chair of Immunology at Lviv National Medical University, Phone: +38-032-270-85-94+38-032-270-85-94.
  • Hrytsiuk Ihor, endocrinologist, phone: +38-032-270-17-72+38-032-270-17-72.
  • Kolchenko Lesia, paediatrician, phone: +38-032-270-80-83+38-032-270-80-83, 097-782-45-92097-782-45-92.
  • Kostiuchenko Larysa, immunologist, PhD, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Chief paediatric immunologist of Lviv Region, Head of Western-Ukrainian Centre of Paediatric Immunology, phone: +38-032-270-21-91+38-032-270-21-91.
  • Loshak Iryna, gastroenterologist, phone: +38-066-892-39-89+38-066-892-39-89.
  • Ocheretna Oksana, cardiologist, phone: +38-032-270-85-30+38-032-270-85-30.
  • Rohovyk Natalia, paediatrician, phone: +38-032-247-77-05+38-032-247-77-05.
  • Romanyshyn Yaryna, immunologist, phone: +38-067-904-01-11+38-067-904-01-11.
  • Savchak Ihor, immunologist, phone: +38-067-940-14-26+38-067-940-14-26.
  • Khudyk Svitlana, nephrologist, phone: +38-032-270-45-62+38-032-270-45-62.
  • Yavna Kateryna, psychologist, phone: +38-050-431-01-27+38-050-431-01-27.


The progress in the functioning of the Department and in the quality of the facilities it possesses is significantly defined by the amount of charitable aid it gets.

Sponsors and partners of Paediatric Department:

  • "Child’s World” Charitable Foundation (Lviv) for more than 10 years provides costs for renovation of the Department. Provided resources for purchase furniture, equipment and disposable materials. The Foundation supports print of medical documentation and booklets, finances regional conferences that are organised yearly by the Departent.
  • Charitable public organisation "Aktiv hilfe für Ukraine” (Germany) over 10 years provides huge amount of charitable aid (furniture, equipment, washing and pressing machines, fridges, beddings, disposable medical materials, medicines, food products, hygiene products and many others).
  • "Sisters Cities Association Corning – Lviv, USA”), co-heads – William and Gloria Misnick.
  • "Lviv Lions Club”.
  • "Co-operating Netherlands Foundations for Central and Eastern Europe”.
  • Dr. Jan Feigelson, Paris, France.
  • "Child Health International” (UK), Royal Brompton Hospital, UK, and his team.
  • Mykhailo Kacheray, Hill-Rom Company, Respiratory Care International, Austria.
  •  Cystic Fibrosis Centre of Poznan Medical University, professor Yaroslav Valkoviak.