Hematology department

Haematological Department

Head of the Department Dr. Tsymbaliuk-Voloshyn Iryna, PhD, Chief Paediatric oncologist of the Regional Healthcare Administration.

Head Nurse Kokots Oksana

Phone numbers:                     

+38 032 270 16 52+38 032 270 16 52 – Head of the Department
+38 032 270 71 96+38 032 270 71 96 – Nurse’s Station
+38 032 270 17 65+38 032 270 17 65 – Doctors’ Lounge  

1. General Information
Department of Haematology and Intensive Chemotherapy with 30 beds capacity provides highly specialised medical care to children with blood system diseases. Following are the main specialisations of the Department:

  • Blood cancer (leukaemias, lymphomas, histiocytosis, etc.)
  • Anaemias
  • Diseases of blood coagulation system (haemophilia, thrombocytopenia, -pathia, etc.)

An up-to-date system of diagnostics and treatment of patients with onco-haematologic diseases which is set-up in the Department enables to achieve their full cure.

The Department provides whole standard of intensive high-dose chemotherapy of haemoblastoses. The results of treatment of patients with blood cancer in Haematological Department show high effectiveness of up-to-date poly-chemotherapy protocols. In particular, the event free survival rate for acute lymphoblastic leukaemia is 0.73, Hodgkin lymphoma – 0.88, Non-Hodgkin lymphoma – 0.68.

An up-to-date diagnostics of coagulation disorders and prevention treatment of severe forms of haemophilia was implemented.

A staff psychologist is working in the Department, which provides help to children and their parents.

2.  Physicians of the Department:

Tsynbaliuk-Voloshyn Iryna – Head of the Department, PhD Chief Paediatric oncologist of the Regional Healthcare Administration.
Dorosh Olha – PhD, Haematologist.
Polishchuk Romanna – PhD, Haematologist.
Skoropad Larysa – Haematologist.
Troyanovska Olha – PhD, Haematologist.
Kozlova Olena – Haematologist.
Vorobel Oksana – Haematologist.
Stepaniuk Olena – Haematologist.

3.  Research activities

The Department co-operates with the Chair of Haematology and Transfusiology of Faculty of Postgraduate Education at Lviv National Medical University, Lviv Institute of Hereditary Pathology within Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv Institute of Oncology and Experimental Pathology. Specialisation of paediatric haematologists, post-graduate teaching courses and thematic improvement courses on topic of Paediatric Endocrinology are conducted at the Department.

Employees of Paediatric Department co-operate with Paediatric Department at State Institution Institute of Blood Pathology and Transfusion Medicine within Academy of Medical Sciences, participate in conducting of a research work "Characteristics of Late Effects of Immunosuppressive Action of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia Protocol Therapy in Cured Children”, as well as take part in conducting research work "Human Leukaemia Cells In-Vitro Investigation as Potential Object of Enzyme Therapy of Cancer based on Recombinant Asparaginase” together with Institute of Cells Biology within Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.

4.  Benefactors of the Department:

  • Charitable Foundation "Saving a Child with Leukaemia”
  • Charitable Foundation "Wings of Hope”
  • Public Organisation "Sami” ("Ourselves”)
  • Charitable Foundation "Humanitarie Hulp Kinderen Oekraine Tilburg Nederland ”, Netherlands
  • Charitable Association "Life Line”, UK

How to Refer a Patient to the Department?

Following things are needed for hospitalisation to the Department:

Get a Referral Letter for investigation and/or treatment from local specialist (paediatrician, family physician) with information on reasons for referral.

  1. Have a medical file of a child or an excerpt from it.
  2. Have epidemiological certificate stating absence of contact with infectious patients for 3 weeks prior to referral.