Department of treatment and rehabilitation of children with lesions of the nervous system and psyche

Neurological Department
(Department for treatment and rehabilitation of children
with CNS damage and mental disorders)

Head of the Department   Dr. Kunta Olha, PhD, Chief Paediatric Neurologist of Lviv Regional Healthcare Department.

Head Nurse – Кaniuk Natalia.


Head of the Department:                                          +38-032-270-83-94
Doctors lounge No 1/Doctors lounge No 2:             +38-032-270-05-52
Nurses’ station/Doctors lounge No 3:                       +38-032-270-65-68

1. General information

The Department is set up for 30 in-patients and 10 day stay in-patients.

The Department specialises in following pathology:

  • Cerebral Palsy;
  • Epilepsy and epileptic syndromes;
  • Late effects of infectious, traumatic and other CNS damages;
  • Effects of perinatal CNS damages;
  • Congenital developmental defects of CNS;
  • Hereditary degenerative diseases of nervous and musculoskeletal systems.

The Department provides video-monitoring, EEG, sleep EEG. If indicated – botulotoxin nerve blocks for correction of muscle spasticity and equinus foot deformation, manual therapy, acupuncture, laser-puncture, electric-puncture, injections of medications in biologically active spots, homeosiniatria, "Gravistat”-modified correction. Children in the Department get psychological support from professional psychologist, and appropriate help from speech therapist and professional specialised pedagogues.

2.  Doctors:

  • Kunta Olha – Head of the Department, PhD, Chief Paediatric Neurologist of Lviv Regional Healthcare Department.
  • Dvorniak Lesia.
  • Kol’chenko Lesia.
  • Myndiuk Olha.
  • Myronovych Bohdan.
  • Nazarov Kostiantyn.
  • Ruda Halyna.


3.  Scientific activities

The Department co-operates with Lviv Research Institute of Hereditary Pathology, Chair of Neurology of the Lviv National Medical University, Chair of Paediatric Neurology and and Social Rehabilitation of the National Medical Academy named after P. Shupyk.

4.  Benefactors and Partners of the Department:

  • А. Lempers (Netherlands)
  • Anna Mazurenko Foundation (Canada).

How to refer patients?

Following documentation is needed for admission:

  1. Referral letter for investigation and/or treatment obtained from Family Physician or local specialist (paediatric neurologist, paediatrician) with information on purpose of referral.
  2. Have a personal medial file of a child or an excerpt from it.
  3. Have epidemiological certificate stating absence of contact with infectious patients for 3 weeks prior to referral.

Advance appointments – over the phone: +38-032-270-83-94 (Head of the Department).