Department of Surgery

Surgical Department

Head of the Department – Mr. Ihor Lukavetskyj, Paediatric Surgeon.

Head NurseMrs. Oksana Shevchyk.
Phone Numbers:

  • Head of the Department:          +38 032-270-26-85
  • Doctor’s Lounge:                     +38 032-270-20-79
  • Nurse’s Station:                        +38 032 270-71-94


1.General information
Paediatric Oncology and Plastic Surgery remain the main directions of activities of the specialized Surgical Department from the day of its formation. Official profile of in-patient beds: oncology – 20, plastic surgery – 10, orthopaedics – 5, general surgery – 5.

  • Paediatric Oncology – treatment of children with benign tumours and cancer of all localisations (kidneys, urinary tract, neuroblastoma, soft tissue sarcomas, tumours of liver, thoracic cage, etc.), including tumours of musculosceletal system (osteosarcoma, Ewing sarcoma) and conservative treatment of brain tumours.

In every specific case a complex therapy, subject to morphological verification of the disease (histology, immune histochemistry, cytogenetic investigetions) is provided, in particular:

  • surgery
  • non-adjuvant and adjuvant poly-chemotherapy,
  • angio-surgery (implantation of central venous catheters or venous ports for long-lasting i.v. infusions and chemotherapy)
  • radiation therapy
  • accompanying therapy;
  • Orthopaedics  – provides treatment of children with:
  • musculoskeletal tumours (removal, endo-prosthetics)
  • congenital and acquired defects of musculo-sceletal system development, including children with  Funnel and Pigeon breasts
  • surgery of congenital and acquired defects of hands and feets;


  • General surgery (15 in-patient beds, including 10 beds of plastic surgery)
  • surgical correction of congenital and acquired defects in children (cleft lips and palates, rhino-plastics, oto-plastics)
  • surgical correction of urinary tract defects
  • expander surgery
  • reconstructive surgery
  • general surgery.

Surgical Department has block system of wards for 1 to 3 patients in a ward (depending upon child’s age) with separate sanitary unit for every block. Conditions are also created for common stay of parents with their child (dining hall, preparation of food, storage of domestic goods and food products, TV sets in wards, etc.).

2.Professional information on surgeons and physicians

Full name


Working experience

Professional category


Ihor Lukaveskyy

Head of the department
Phone: 270-26-85

33 years


Oncology (nephrectomy, excision of abdomen, thoracic and soft tissues tumours, tumour biopsy), correction of Funnel breast, general surgery, plastic surgery.
Consulting day – Monday

Ostap Mohyliak

Paediatric surgeon

35 years


Plastic and reconstructive surgery (plastic surgery on skin and subcutaneous tissues with implantation of expanders, plastic surgery of cleft lip and palate, rhinoplastics, otoplastics), general surgery.

Ihor Pavlyk

Paediatric surgeon

23 years


 Urology – congenital defects of urinary tract development, general surgery, plastic surgery (defects of urinary tract development)

Bohdan Romanyshyn

Paediatric surgeon

15 years 


 Oncology (nephrectomy, excision of abdomen, thoracic and soft tissues tumours, tumour biopsy), long-lasting venous catheters and ports, surgery of congenital and acquired defects of hands and feet, general surgery

Andriy Syniuta

Paediatric surgeon

15 years 


Chief Physician of the Centre
General surgery, endoscopy (bronchoscopy, laparoscopy)

Oleksandr Shchurovskyy

Paediatric orthopaedic surgeon and traumatologist

23 years 

Highest, PhD

Surgical correction of congenital and acquired defects of musculoskeletal system, oncology (excision of bone tumours, organ-preserving surgery in bone tumours, endoprostesing)

Zoriana Kizyma

Chief Paediatric oncologist of Lviv Regional Healthcare Department

21 year 


Chemotherapy of cancer (nephroblastoma, neuroblastoma,  нефробластома, soft tissues sarcomas, hepatic tumours, bone tumours, embryonic tumours), conservative treatment of brain tumours, symptomatic therapy of cytopenic states, palliative therapy.
Consulting day – Friday

Bohdan Kotsay

Associate Professor of the Chair of Paediatrics, Deputy Dean of  Faculty of Postgraduate Education, Lviv National Univrsity

31 years


Oncology (chemotherapy of cancerous tumours, conservative treatment of brain tumours, symptomatic therapy of cytopenic states, palliative therapy)
Paediatrics – consultative activities

Roman Kizyma

Oncologist of Centre Out-patient Department

5 years


Chemotherapy of cancerous tumours, conservative treatment of brain tumours, symptomatic therapy of cytopenic states, palliative therapy


3.Research Activities
The principles of protocol treatment of malignant tumours in children were introduced into practice of the Department since 1992 (according to the recommendations of international associations of paediatric oncologists and co-operative research groups – SIOP, COG, EpSSG, CWS).
According to the signed agreement an ongoing co-operation, including exchange of consulting help and mutual research programmes, persists with the National Cancer Institute (Kyiv).
The surgeons and physicians of the Department attend specialised meetings and conferences on state and international level, many of them being members of international professional associations.
More than 100 scientific papers have been published in national and international medial periodicals.
PhD thesis "Organ-saving surgery in muscular-skeletal tumours in children” was defended (O.M. Shchurovskyy, 2006).
International clinical studies in paediatric oncology are conducted in the Department.
Professional consultations in the Department are provided on a regular basis by Associate Professor of the Chair of Paediatrics B.R. Kotsay.

Main benefactors and partners of the Department:

  • "Association Vendée-Ukraine” (France), President – François Blanchet
  • "Association Lutte contrele Leucémie de l’Enfant” (France)
  • "AKTIEREDEMTOR” Foundation (Belgium)
  • Ukrainian Religious and Charitable Centre ”Saint Sofia” (Henk, Belgium)
  • Verein «HilfefürKrankenhäuser in StaatenMittel – und Osteuropas» Unna / Deutschland
  • Humanitarie Hulp Kinderen Oekraïne, President – Mr. Piet Spijkers (Tilburg, Nederland)
  • Charitable Foundation "Kryla Nadiyi” ("Wings of Hope”) (Ukraine)
  • VAB - Bank
  • Charitable Foundation "Pivdennyj” (Ukraine)
  • "Advanced Medical Care for Ukraine” (USA), President – Roman Dashavets
  • Father Robert Gotz (Switzerland)
  • Charitable Foundation "Zaporuka” ("Pledge”) (Ukraine)