Department of Anesthesiology and Intensive Care

Department of Anaesthesiology and Intensive Care

Head of the Department  – Dr. Iryna Shchurovska
Head Nurse Kateryna Hul’

Phone Numbers:

  • Head of the Department:       +38-032-270-05-55
  • Doctors lounge:                     +38-032-270-21-80
  • Nurses’ station:                     +38-032-270-17-33
  • Informational Toxicology Centre:


1. General Information

Department of intensive care is unfold on 6 beds.

The staff of the Department is comprised of 10 physicians-anaesthesiologists, 14 nurses, 5 anaesthetists, 9 junior nurses, 1 matron, 1 technician servicing medical equipment.

The Department provides intensive care to patients from other Centre departments with severe course of the disease or life threatening complications. An urgent help is provided also to patients in coma, patients with epileptic and asthmatic statuses, and children with poisoning of all kinds.
An informational toxicology centre functions within the Department, which also provides aid over the phone.
Within the Department also functions a subdivision of haemodialysis for patients with acute and chronic renal insufficiency, which provides different sorts of extra-corporal detoxication: haemodialysis, haemodiafiltration, peritoneal dialysis and plasmapheresis.

Anaesthesiology support is provided:
- during planned and urgent surgical interventions,
- in out-patient department  (small surgical interventions, treatment of stomatological patients, endoscopic and diagnostic investigations (MRI, CT).

Anaesthesiologists master different methods of anaesthesia (total i.v. anaesthesia with use of laryngeal mask, combined endotracheal and various methods of regional anaesthesia).

2 Anaesthesiologists of the Department:

Iryna Shchurovska – Head of the Department
Natalia Andriyevska – resident
Halyna Hybych - resident
Ihor Hula - resident
Volodymyr Paykush – resident, PhD
Roman Novosad - resident
Alla Stpaniuk - resident
Roman Sobko - resident
Pavlo Bodak - resident
Ivanna Andreychuk - resident
Rostyslav Voloshchuk – physician, Assistant Professor of the Chair of Anaesthesiology, Lviv National University
Iryna Kostianchuk – paediatric nephrologist

Physicians of the Department constantly improve their qualification in leading European and American Clinics, attend scientific conferences and European meetings of anaesthesiologists.