Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Centre Lviv,
Ukraine Dnisterska Street, 27


How to help 

Successful activity of our Centre would not be possible without constant support of our benefactors. These are hundreds of people and tens of charitable organizations in Ukraine and abroad. We express our sincere gratitude to everybody, who helped our patients to get cured or make their difficult way through the disease. We mention here just few of them:


Charitable Foundation "Child’s World” (Lviv) http://www.svitdytyny.org

Charitable Foundation "Saving a Child with Leukemia” (Lviv)

Lviv Lions Club www.facebook.com/pages/Lviv-Lions-Club/185527278127072

Charitable Foundation "Zaporuka” (Kyiv)http://zaporuka.com.ua

Charitable Foundation "Open Palms” (Kyiv)www.open-palms.org.ua

Rotary Club "Kniazhyj” (Lviv)

Public Organization "Sami” ("Ourselves”) (Lviv)http://sami.nashlviv.com

Charitable Foundation "Pivdennyj” (Lviv) http://www.tcp.com.ua/about/fond


Ukrainische Kinderkrebshilfe DAVID (Germany), President – Eberhardine Seelig (www.ukrainischekinderkrebshilfe.de).

Charitable Foundation "Humanitarie Hulp Kinderen Oekraine, Tilburg, Nederland”, President – Piet Spykers (Netherlands) www.humanitairehulpkinderenoekraine.nl

"Children of Chornobyl Relief and Development Fund”, Directors – Zenon та Nadia Matkivsky (USA)http://www.ccrdf.org

Charitable Association "Life Line” (UK) http://www.lifelinegb.org

"St. Christophorus Foundation for Children”, President – Аrnold Lempers (Netherland)

Anna Mazurenko Foundation (Canada) http://www.katedra.org/AnnaMazurenkoProject.aspx

Charitable public Organisation "Aktiv hilfe für Ukraine” (Germany)

Co-operating Netherlands Foundations for Central and Eastern Europe http://www.cnfcee.nl

Sisters Cities Association Corning – Lviv, Presidents (2000-2010) – William and Gloria Misnick (USA) www.corningsistercities.org 

"Child Health International” (UK) http://childhealthinternational.org

"Association Vendée-Ukraine”, President – François Blanchet (France) http://vendee-ukraine.populus.ch

"Association Lutte contrele Leucémie de l’Enfant”, President – Stephanie Fugain (France) http://www.laurettefugain.org

"AKTIEREDEMTOR” Foundation (Belgium)

Ukrainian Religious and Charitable Centre ”Saint Sofia”, Head – Petro Firman, (Belgium) firman@firman.be

"Hilfe für Krankenhäuser in StaatenMittel – und Osteuropas” Society, Unna/ Deutschland

"Advanced Medical Care for Ukraine” Foundation, President – Roman Dashavets (USA) http://www.amcukraine.org

Father Robert Gotz (Switzerland)

D-r Mark Rosenthal, Royal Brompton Hospital (London, UK)

D-r Jean Feigelson (Paris, France) Professor Bernard Pavie (France).