Western Ukrainian Specialized Children’s Medical Centre Lviv,
Ukraine Dnisterska Street, 27

Outpatient Department

Yuriy Chaklosh – Head of Outpatient Department. 

Yulia Pidtserkovna – Head Nurse.

Phone Number:  +38 032 270 26 49 – Head of the Department 

                            +38 032 270 85 96 – Head Nurse

                            + 38 032 270 07 22 – Registration Office

General Information 1

1.1. Outpatient Consulting Department of the Centre works in one shift – from 900till 1600, with Saturdays and Sundays being work days off. The planned capacity of the Department is 200 visits per day, while actual is up to 350 visits per day.The Registration Office possesses all schedules of and information on availability of medical professional working in the Department, including those of heads of clinical departments, chief regional specialists, employees of the Lviv Medical University, Research Institute of Blood Pathology and Transfusion Medicine and Institute of Hereditary Pathology.

1.2. 95% of the physicians working in the Department have highest or First Grade qualification Category, 6 of them having PhD titles.

1.3. Consultations are provided in 23 paediatric specialities: paediatrician, neurologist, oncologist, surgeon, immunologist, allergologist, gynaecologist, endocrinologist, pulmonologist, haematologist, nephrologist, orthopaedics, ophthalmologist, RNT, cardio-rheumatologist, speech therapist, psychiatrist, psychologist, psychotherapist, paediatric dentist- surgeon, paediatric dentist-orthodontist, gastroenterologist.

2. Physicians working solely within the Department:

Yuriy Chaklosh – Head of the Outpatient Department, Paediatrician.

Iryna Bandurovska – Paediatrician.

Maria Kashchuk – Pediatrician.

Oksana Zadvorna – Allergologist.

Mart Shorobura – ENT specialist.

Vasyl’ Kaniuk – Ophthalmologist.

Marta Rubel’ – Gynecologist.

Oleh Kocherkevych – Endoscopist.

Taras Kocherkevych – Endoscopist.



 3. How to refer to Outpatient Consulting Department?

Obligatory things are:

  • Prerecord
  • Possessing of medical documentation  (Form No 112)
  • Possessing of referral with a list of issues sought to be solved
  • Possession of the results of CBC and urinalysis, USD (if possible), made on the eve of visit to the Centre.          

In cases when the patient is expected to have additional examinations and investigations at time of the visit to the Centre, he/she must come to the Centre fasting.

Arriving to the Outpatient Department the patient has to refer to the Registration Office first hand.

In cases where multiple consultations of different specialist are expected, please refer him/her first hand to the Paediatrician, who will determine further tactics of work with a patient.